What is my injury case worth?

Every case is fact specific. There is no precise formula for determining the value of the case. The factors and variables that determine the settlement value of an injury claim include: the amount of the medical bills incurred, the length of time required to make a recovery, the amount of lost wages incurred, and whether there is a permanent injury or disfigurement. Other less tangible factors that determine case valuation include how the accident occurred, whether liability is clear, whether there are causation issues concerning what injuries are caused by the accident, how your spouse or family has been affected, how your future will be affected, and whether there will be a requirement for future treatment. There is no substitute for the advice of an experienced Ohio auto accident attorney to determine a fair settlement range. If your case is not resolved by settlement, then it will be ultimately up to a jury to put a value on your claim. At Linnen Co., L.P.A. we have over thirty years of experience that goes into each case valuation so that our clients can make informed decisions to reach the best possible outcome.