Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

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Linnen Co., L.P.A has had great success in protecting the rights of persons in Akron, Summit County and throughout Ohio who have suffered injuries as a result of a dog attack. See our results. A personal injury attorney can bring a claim for injury from a dog bite or attack against the owner of a dog or its "keeper" or "harborer."

Who is Responsible for Injuries from a Dog Bite?

Ohio law, R.C. § 955.28(B), imposes statutory liability on the owner, keeper, or harborer of a dog that causes any injury to you or your property. The owner, keeper, or harborer is not responsible if you were trespassing or attempting to trespass, committing or attempting to commit some other criminal offense, or teasing the dog on the owner’s, keeper’s, or harborer’s property.

To establish a claim for injury from a dog attack under R.C. § 955.28(B), you need to establish all of the following elements:

  1. That the person whom you seek to recover from is the owner, keeper, or harborer of the dog
  2. That the dog caused your injuries
  3. That you were not engaging in any of the prohibited actions mentioned above

Who is the Owner, Keeper, or Harborer of the Dog?

The owner is the person that purchased the dog or received the dog as a gift and may have registered the dog. A keeper is a person who has physical charge or care of the dog. A person can be a keeper even if they are exerting “temporary" control over the dog. A harborer is a person who has possession and control of the property where the dog lives and acquiesces to the dog’s presence. Multiple people can qualify as owners, keepers, and harborers of the dog. You should discuss your situation with a personal injury attorney with experience in dog bite law to ensure that your rights are protected.

Time Limit on Suing for Injuries from a Dog Bite

You must file your claim within two years of the attack, unless the victim was a child.

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