Auto Accidents

Get Help from an Akron Auto Accident Attorney Serving Ohio for Over 30 Years

Linnen Co., L.P.A. is experienced in protecting the rights of persons in Akron, Summit County and throughout Ohio who have been involved in car accidents and other vehicular collisions. Your case is handled by an experienced auto accident attorney and not a paralegal. The initial consultation is with an attorney. Your case is analyzed by an attorney, and all negotiations are performed by any attorney.

What We Do for You

Immediate Help and Case Evaluation

Once we enter into an attorney/client relationship, all contact with the responsible party or the insurance carrier is made through our office. We immediately obtain the evidence necessary to establish the underlying facts of your case. We immediately locate the vehicles involved, photograph the property damage, and document and preserve any available physical evidence. We provide assistance to resolve your property damage claim with the insurance company or responsible party. If you have visible injuries, photographs are also obtained immediately for future use. Your case is evaluated at an early stage to determine whether litigation is necessary.

Assistance with Medical Treatment and Expenses

We monitor your case closely to determine whether you are receiving reasonable, necessary, and appropriate treatment for your injuries. On occasion, we have your medical condition and/or treatment evaluated by an independent physician. At the onset, we determine the existence of resources to cover medical bills while your case is pending. We advance funds to cover the litigation expenses necessary to adequately prepare your case for settlement or trial.

Up-to-Date Information and Help Until Your Case is Closed

All of your information is inputted into our case management system so that you are able to receive up-to-date information on the status of your case. Summaries of your medical expenses are available for your review at any time.

Upon settlement or after obtaining a judgment, we determine any outstanding liens, any right of reimbursement, and whether there is subrogation from your health insurance carrier or governmental agencies including Medicare, Medicaid, and the Bureau of Workers Compensation. At the direction of the client, we provide assistance on the payment of any outstanding bills upon the completion of the case.

Contact Us for a Confidential Auto Accident Case Analysis

Our goal is to make sure your case is fully investigated, that you receive proper medical care, that the extent of your injuries is determined, and that you receive a fair resolution of your case — whether that be by settlement or trial. You may contact us by email, by completing our confidential Do I Have a Case? form, or by calling us directly at (330) 258-8000.